• Possibility to use all kinds of the drive motors 12v, 5v.
• Fast operation, which allows 2-3 heads simultaneous
machine operation (in case of same part assembling on the card) save total assembly time.
• Working voltage: 4.5v 5.5v and 11.5 13.5v.
• Not necessary to program the device plug and play operation.


1) High reliability
2) Immunity to high voltage spikes.
3) Not necessary to program the device plug and play operation.
4) Simple adjustments, forward, slow forward, backward. put in and pull out the parts switch operation.
5) Low power consumption.
6) Able to work in parallel with all kind of existing electromechanical feeders for listed above machines.
7) Some improvements on the mechanical side of the feeder for much more stable and smooth operation.
8) Propose half year warranty.
9) Low price repair/renew proposition.


SMT Quad and Samsung Machine Feeders


We propose to repair and renew old electromechanical feeders for old Quad and Samsung SMT pick & place machines (models CP30, CP40 ).

Our solution proposed new design feeders with improved performance .

Description :

The QUAD/Samsung CP-30/40 are pick & place SMT machines. Those machines use a combined electro-mechanical feeders, which are providing the parts to the
machine robot heads. The heads are placing those parts on the cards .

The feeders have a few sizes, depending on the electronic parts which have to be placed on the card, from smallest (most common)  8mm, which could be used for 0204,0603,0805,1206 size of the parts (capacitors, resistors, etc). Optional - 12mm, 16mm, and 24mm for bigger size parts.